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请假可以翻译成'ask for leave’或ask the ……(the day,the week,etc)off,例如:ask(want) the day off 请一天假 例句: So you want the day off? Let‘s take a look at what you are asking for the campany 你想请一天假?看看你在向公司要求什么?

请假的英文翻译是ask for leave,我下午请假了的英文翻译是I asked for leave in the afternoon. 重点词汇: ask for leave 英 [ɑ:sk fɔ: li:v] 美 [æsk fɔr liv] 请假 相关短语: 1、ask for leave system 请假制度 2、ask for ...

题目写“Leave application To: 你上司的名字,职位(manager) From:你的姓名 Date: May 17th,2010 Subject: Casual Leave of Absence Dear Mr./Mrs, 你上司的姓最好放在此。 There is a very important process in which I have to return...

请病假:ask for sick leave 公假:leave for statutory reasons 事假:personal leave 生理假:menstrual leave 休假:annual leave 婚假:marital leave 产假:maternity leave 丧假:funeral leave 值日假:deferred leave for guard duty 加...

time off work  take a leave of absence taking the day off. ask for leave 这些都是,望采纳

there are something important for me to do ,so i want to ask for some days' leave from june1 to june 8.would you be kind to let me go ?

可以地道地说成Ask for leave 但这里不是一个动词短语。因为这里ask作为名词,而介词for则表示动作的目的,而leave也作为名词,这样就好理解了吧~ Note for absence也很地道

1.很抱歉我今天因为生病了不能去上班,有什么事情麻烦打我手机,明天我可以正常上班 I am sorry I could not go to work because of my sickness.Please call my mobile if anything urgency and I could go to work tomorrow. 2.很抱歉由于我今天...

事实上,我自己在国外的时候从没见过单独的“请假条”这种说法。一般请假、或事后向老师说明缺席原因,都是写一张称为“note”的小条来说明情况的。真需要说明这张NOTE是为了请假,那大概可以用短语note to ask for permission to be absent。

Dear Sir/Madam, I have to ask for a leave of a week to go home and pay a visit to my parents.I hope you can give me the approval. With all the best! Yours sincerely, Smile carmen 祝你开心如意!

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