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题目写“Leave application To: 你上司的名字,职位(manager) From:你的姓名 Date: May 17th,2010 Subject: Casual Leave of Absence Dear Mr./Mrs, 你上司的姓最好放在此。 There is a very important process in which I have to return...

请假的英文翻译是ask for leave,我下午请假了的英文翻译是I asked for leave in the afternoon. 重点词汇: ask for leave 英 [ɑ:sk fɔ: li:v] 美 [æsk fɔr liv] 请假 相关短语: 1、ask for leave system 请假制度 2、ask for ...

请假 leave ask for leave vacate beg off 一般用第二种

ask for leave;leave [例句]反馈:如果你因为家庭原因而不得不请假,你的同事会有怎样的反应? Talkback : if you 've ever had to take time off for family reasons , how did your coworkers react?

请病假:ask for sick leave 公假:leave for statutory reasons 事假:personal leave 生理假:menstrual leave 休假:annual leave 婚假:marital leave 产假:maternity leave 丧假:funeral leave 值日假:deferred leave for guard duty 加...

1.ask for leave: ask for a sick leave of three days请三天病假 2.take off: 这星期五我可以请假吗?Can I take this Friday off? 如果是名词短语的话 ,用法例如 请假半天A half-day leave ; Half-day leave of absence 望采纳~

可以地道地说成Ask for leave 但这里不是一个动词短语。因为这里ask作为名词,而介词for则表示动作的目的,而leave也作为名词,这样就好理解了吧~ Note for absence也很地道

英文的请假条要按照西方语言文化的排序。直接说明请假的原因。 例如:内容:你是学生,向陈请假,告诉她,你昨天在学校游泳池游泳,今早头痛发高烧,医生说你需要卧床休息三天。 Dear Chen, I've caught a headache and fever this morning that I wa...

请假的英语是ask for leave,详细信息入下: ask for leave 英 [ɑ:sk fɔ: li:v] 美 [æsk fɔr liv] 请假 例句: He went to the monitor to ask for leave. 他到班长那儿请了个假。 You should ask for leave if you have somethi...

I would like to take leave from 1st of June to 8th of june for family issues. I would appreciate it if this request can be approved. 简单就这样啦

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