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请假可以翻译成'ask for leave’或ask the ……(the day,the week,etc)off,例如:ask(want) the day off 请一天假 例句: So you want the day off? Let‘s take a look at what you are asking for the campany 你想请一天假?看看你在向公司要求什么?

ask for a leave. 我下午请假了。你要昨天还是今天? I was off yesterday afternoon. I am going to be off this afternoon. May I have a day off tomorrow. She will not be in this afternoon as she takes a sick leave.(病假)

题目写“Leave application To: 你上司的名字,职位(manager) From:你的姓名 Date: May 17th,2010 Subject: Casual Leave of Absence Dear Mr./Mrs, 你上司的姓最好放在此。 There is a very important process in which I have to return...

I ask for leave today

可以地道地说成Ask for leave 但这里不是一个动词短语。因为这里ask作为名词,而介词for则表示动作的目的,而leave也作为名词,这样就好理解了吧~ Note for absence也很地道

① 我想请个假 ? >> May I ask for a leave? 这句话不太用到。我目前在单位里实习,还没有见过谁用过这个词。 这里的单位,有谁请假都会用一个缩写词 PTO / personal time off. 例如,I'm taking a PTO tomorrow / taking a PTO today. 然后这...

事实上,我自己在国外的时候从没见过单独的“请假条”这种说法。一般请假、或事后向老师说明缺席原因,都是写一张称为“note”的小条来说明情况的。真需要说明这张NOTE是为了请假,那大概可以用短语note to ask for permission to be absent。

I would like to take leave from 1st of June to 8th of june for family issues. I would appreciate it if this request can be approved. 简单就这样啦

Dear sir: I need to apply leave on the 20th and 21st of May, as well as the following week 24th to 27th. I am applying the leave because I need to return back to school to carry out my final year dissertation question and answe...

Dear sir; for i am going to have a trip with my kid on 15th March,he can not attend your class that day,i beg your permission.we are going to be grateful. 某某孩子的家长 家长签名 年 月 日 格式不一定对,但老师肯定能够明白

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